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Hi I'm Jackie Bernardi! I'm a Beauty Industry Business Catalyst

Your career is about to

explode like Pop Rocks

with the Red Bull chaser.


Hi I'm Jackie!

I call myself a Beauty Industry Business Catalyst because I make careers... well... explode like Pop Rocks with a Red Bull Chaser 🙂

I help super talented and incredibly ambitious cosmetology students and professionals go after their dreams with a completely customized and original plan. We create a rock solid foundation in business smarts, with a hefty side-order of sass.

You might be "into" me if…

  • You are lacking confidence.
  • You’re afraid that you don’t have/won’t get a good job.
  • If you feel like you really didn’t learn enough business stuff in school.
  • You’ve been working but your book of clients is not big enough.
  • You don’t want to be an employee anymore, but don’t know what to do.
  • You've got 1 million ideas and don’t know how to make them happen.
  • If you’re thinking about quitting a career you love because it’s not happening, or you can’t support yourself.

You might NOT be into me if…

  • You have no ambition.
  • You don’t want to have to think.
  • You always need to be right.
  • You expect success to magically come to you without working for it.
  • You don’t have a sense of humor.
  • You don’t believe in things you can’t see right away.
  • If you’re a narcissist.

So, what makes me so special?

(I know you’re thinking it, so just ask)

I am a catalyst. A passionate innovator. I help you make your ideas happen.

Adjectives I hear from my clients a lot…






I’m special and unique to this work because I feed off the energy of the relationships I have with my clients. This allows me to connect and listen deeply.

I am a listener.

I hear everything.

I hear your words, your worries, your abilities and your body signals.

I hear what’s behind the words, your thoughts, even your intentions.

I hear those things that make you remarkable and unique.

You can’t hear what I hear––your inner voice is too loud in your ears.

It stands between what I hear and what you hear.

And you know what? I don’t speak your dialect of “Inner Voice.” So, until it comes out on Rosetta Stone, you’re safe with me hearing you.

Being able to hear you the way I do makes it possible to see, with perfect clarity, what is needed for you to move forward successfully.

I also have a Super Power.

What is the super power that I possess? (See I can already hear you!)

I am both introverted and extroverted.

It’s what I call being a “Social Introvert.” I am able to dial in and relate with almost everyone. It helps to determine how we work together. It creates a space of trust, safety and balance.

It’s all about the balance.

All Super Powers aside:

I am a licensed Esthetician, have owned five successful businesses in three different industries, and am a former corporate recruiter. I am a published author, a public speaker, and a blogger. I have a following of over 28,000 people, just like you, who regularly connect with me to shift their ideas, work, and plans just a bit.

AND I have Archie the wonder dog...beat that!

So why on earth should you work with me?

Because the second you start working with me, things will change.

You will see things differently.

You will do things differently.

Your work will get better, more authentic.

You will not navigate it alone, you’ll have a partner in me.

You will have a socially introverted cheerleader celebrating you and your success.

So what's next?

Now, for having read through all this me, me, me stuff, you should be rewarded. Let me help you right now.

Go here and ask me anything. Be sure to include your best email address and a phone number. You never know – I might just call you with an answer.

XO Jackie

Ok, now for the B-reel

You know, the insider stuff that adds nothing to your life really, but is kind of fun anyway (just like at the bitter end of the Toy Story movies, but not quite as funny)


I'm a Grand Mother, but I swear if you meet me in person you'll think I'm 27...28 tops!

I live in Newport Beach, California. Quite possibly the most perfect climate on Earth.

I don't know how to knit. Apparently this is important some how.

I am a complete foodie.

My honeymoon was EPIC! No seriously, epic. This is what it looked like:

Ten Days

Two Continents

Five - major food cities: Milan, London, New York City, Chicago, Napa

Eight - Michelin 3 Star rated restaurants (6 Chefs Rated in the top the world!)

Ten Extra Pounds.