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yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Cosmetology School and Confidence Building

Cosmetology school can be really hard on your confidence level

It really is, and if you’re feeling it, you’re not alone. Pretty much all of my classmates felt the same way–we were new and scared of a lot of things. I know my confidence took a nose dive for a while.

And then a really smart friend told me this super simple, super easy technique for confidence building.

And it worked!

But I want to let you in on a secret–although really effective, this technique it’s not enough to “fix” the overall confidence problem.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.

There are 4 major fears that almost all cosmetology students believe

Literally every single cosmo student I ask has at least one of these fears–most have several of them.

It’s awful having fear sit on your shoulder as you’re trying to learn, right?! What’s worse: three of these fears are untrue/completely fixable and will do nothing but hold you back in school AND professionally. You NEED to take care of them!

However, one of these fears is true, and if you accept it and harness the power of understanding this truth, you will be in much stronger position to have an über-successful career.

People like Vidal Sassoon, Jane Wurwand, Ted Gibson, and Kevin Aucoin all understood the power of the truth in this fear early on, and it is exactly what has made each of them legendary.

So what are the 4 major fears?

You could probably guess at some of the fears that make this list because you may already be feeling this way:

1. I’m not talented/creative enough.
2. I’m going to ruin someone’s hair/face/nails.
3. I won’t know enough when I graduate.
4. I won’t have enough practice clients/models to be able to finish my practical requirements.

Now I think it is really important for your career to move past these fears, but you might need a little help.

I’ve created a free learning guide that shows you exactly how to manage these fears even if you’ve just started.

Click on the link above or below to get the guide for free!

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Cosmetology School and Confidence Building
yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Cosmetology School and Confidence Building

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