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How to Get A Job When You Have No Clientele.

How do you go about finding a job at a nice salon when you have no clientele?

How do I make myself stand out amongst other applicants with more experience?

How do I even approach salons about working there?

These are the questions that Josette asked in one of our private Facebook groups. And if you are a student, or someone who’s finished school but hasn’t built a book  of business yet, I bet you’ve thought about these questions too, right?!

Stick with me today, because you are going to get direct and honest answers – and some amazing hands-on “how-to’s.”

How do I make myself stand out amongst other applicants with more experience?

How to stand out (Life lesson)

  • Do different things – you’re not one thing, so don’t be just one thing. Express that you are multi-dimensional. Include something on your resume or cover letter that reveals a different side of you.
  • Do things differently – If everyone else is sending in a boring resume on white paper, design your resume untraditionally (we’ll talk a lot more about this in a bit.)
  • Stir emotions spread happiness – compliment people, smile genuinely, be helpful when you don’t have to – this works with all human beings, even interviewers.
  • Be Consistent – Show up on time, be Pro, send a thank you not, follow up with anything you said you would during the interview. Very few people are consistent.
  • Be forward (approach them) – Finding a new employee takes a lot of time and money. If you go to them and ask for a job, you may help make running their business easier. To put it more simply – they are not looking for YOU – they are looking for “someone.” Show them that YOU are their SOMEONE, by approaching them first.
  • Be direct – this is the same as being honest. When appropriate (and before they ask) tell your interviewer that you do not have a client base, but frame it in a way that stirs emotions and spreads happiness. Some thing like “I should tell you, I have no real client base yet, but I promise no one will work harder, or smarter to get their book filled.” Then be prepared to answer how you will do that (we’ll have to save that for another episode.
  • Present yourself spectacularly – make sure that you present as Pro all the way. This means your resume, cover letter and portfolio all are well produced, with no typos, and have a very consistent look. This also means that you show up on time, and have a Pro appearance. If you want to stand out, “package” yourself well – again, that is it’s own episode for later.
  • Know them (research) – Interviewers are always impressed when they sense that you’ve really done your homework. I’m not talking basic, top three results from google homework, no, I’m talking the real deal, and we are going over that today.
  • Follow up – Finally, follow up. Almost no one follows up after an interview (or meeting for that matter). When you do, you instantly stand out.

Ok, moving on to Josette’s next question:

How do I even approach salons about working there?

Be direct.

Call, snail mail, or hand deliver your presentation package – a fancy way of saying your resume, cover letter and portfolio if you need one (we’ll talk about this in a bit)

Do your research, find out who owns the salon, or who manages it, and send them a personal note that basically says [show a hand written note]

“I am currently a cosmetology student at XYZ school and I want to work with and learn from the artists in your salon when I’m done in April. I have no clientele to bring with me, but I have a very strong work ethic and a willingness to do whatever it takes to build my business in your salon. If you think you might have any interest in someone willing to work hard and grow with you, please give me a call – I can send a resume, or maybe we could meet.

Thank you for your consideration,

Josette Lastname


Guy’s it’s really that easy. I know some of you are balking at this saying you could never be so bold.


#1 this person probably has no idea who you are, so who cares what they think about your note.

#2 If they don’t respond, what have you lost? Nothing – they may not have any jobs available.

#3 This is exactly what I was talking about back here at How to Stand out – this is you

      Doing things differently

      Being Forward

      Being Direct

And finally #4 – You have exactly the same chance of them calling you back, as them not calling you back. It’s 50/50% deal.  However, If you don’t reach out, you have a 100% chance of them not calling.

Listen, being direct will help you more than it will hurt you. Ok, enough said on this for now.

How do you go about finding a job at a nice salon when you have no clientele?

Everyone starts out with no clientele, including the salon or spas you want to work at, and everyone remembers what it was like to start in that position.

Now empathy doesn’t always translate, but gumption does. Here’s what I mean.

If you have found a salon that is looking to hire someone who already has an existing clientele (and you don’t), reach out to them anyway, but be very specific about what you are doing.

Here’s the high level view of what you need to do.



Manage your reputation

Your presentation materials            

Follow Up


Before you do anything, you’ll need to do your research first – I can’t tell you the number of missed opportunities that have occurred during the hiring process that are due to a lack of knowledge, which for you translates here as lack of research, and for your potential employer, a lack of interest.

If you already know the salons or spa’s you’re interested in working at, here’s the process I suggest following – take notes if you like, but be sure to hit the link at the end of this episode to get all the resources I’m going to go over.

First, Get on Google, and start Googling the salons you are interested in. Check their websites, and any information that comes up on at least the first page of results.   When reviewing their website, pay attention to what they talk about, how they present their business, and employees, and what services the offer.

Here’s what you want to keep an eye out for – are they Pro? Do they look and present as a well put together business?

How a potential employer presents their business to future and existing clients will tell you a lot about how they value business and indirectly their employees.

Next, go to Linked in, Yelp and  Search on the company name and see what comes up. In linked in, look at their business profile (if they have one), Learn about the management, and search to find their employees-at the very least you will find out the different postions they hire for, and you might find a connection you can reach out to.

Check out Yelp for insight on what their clients are saying, but pay attention here – don’t negate a salon or spa if a client hated their hair cut, or how unprofessional their service provider was. Unless the provider was the person you are going to be working for directly, it doesn’t matter. Having said that, if there are multiple reviews that call out the management as being rude or unprofessional, well that’s another story entirely. Just remember to use your best judgement and never rely on just one review.

Ok, next I want to talk about Glassdoor. You might not know about this incredible resource, but you should.  

Glass door allows you to deeper, more accurate research on the real questions you have. Not every business is listed on Glassdoor, but spending time on there will help you in so many ways – Let me show you.

Ok, wasn’t that cool?! Don’t worry I link to it in the resource section.

Now, before you start connecting and reaching out to the potential employers you’ve researched, there is something you have to do, and it is a really big deal. 

Check Your Reputation Online

Guy’s, you have to know that if they are at all interested in you, any self-respecting employer is going to check you out online at some point during the hiring process.

You need to make 100% certain that your reputation sparkles.

This is so incredibly important, I’m going to take the Reputation Management module of my online Hired! Course, and put it in the resource section so you will have everything you need to fix any boo-boo’s that might not make you look awesome to potential employer. 

What are these boo-boo’s I speak of?

Those less-than flattering spring break pictures of you half naked sandwiched between two skank-lords that seemed adorable at the time.

A rant on yelp that was written in extreme anger and is filled with colorful words, and hate language.

What about pictures that you’re tagged in posted by someone else?

Listen, we all live our lives on social media which is fine – feel free to share as much or as little as you like, just know that employers will look at it, and they will make judgements based on what they see.

The great news is that you can make most “disappear” with a little bit of work. Again, I show you exactly what to look for and how to fix it in the resource section.

Ok, now that your rep is squared away, you need to find out if you’re connected to anyone at that the companies you’re interested in working at.

How to get connected.

Connections come in all forms – they may be employees of the company, family members or other surprising sources. Here is the most direct way to find and make connections.

  • Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who works there
  • Ask your instructors at school
  • Do you have any visiting educators/salespeople from product manufacturers or suppliers (this is a super-ninja trick for getting connected)
  • Attend related local and industry events
  • Check on LinkedIn if you haven’t already
  • If you find out that you are connected to the salons or spa’s you’re interested in, either start building a relationship with that connection (if you don’t already have one), or ask them about their experience with the company—you could even ask for an introduction to someone who works there.

The art of connecting goes way beyond the scope of this episode, but we will cover it exclusively in an upcoming show.

For now, you need to know that you have a significantly better chance of getting a job, with or without clients if you are referred, or connected to someone the employer knows.

Ok, now you’ve done all the foundation work, it’s time to gather or create your presentation materials – and by that I mean … 

Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio

Craft a perfectly worded original Cover Letter. Each company you send your materials to should have a personalized cover letter– employers can spot a generic cover letter a mile away.

When writing the cover letter – be sure to include some favorable information you learned from your research (if there was something noteable) Things like their participation in a cut-a-thon, or the like.

Next, you’ll need to make a great looking Resume, one that really stands out as being well designed, and noticeable. Same deal for your cover letter (BTW), and portfolio if you need one.

We all know that we need to have a resume, but I’m going to ask you to be very very strategic with yours.

Your future employer is likely to receive a stack or resumes regularly. If they have a busy business, the pile builds and builds until they are ready to hire.

Make sure the employer gets her eyeballs on your resume by making it stand out.

When you take the time to design a resume that stands out, you are more likely to stand out, AND get an interview (even without a client base).

By the way lovey, all of this holds true for your cover letter and portfolio too. You want your entire package to jump out of the pile and into your future employer’s hands.

If you are not sure how to create a resume and cover letter that stands out, or you don’t know what to put on them, I am now accepting people on the interest list for the next release of the Resume Design Course. You can find a link to it in the resource guide.

Also in this episode’s resource guide you’ll find links to awesome resume resources, as well as a company research checklist, the reputation management guide, and some more goodies to help you get a job even if you don’t have a client base.

Ok Josette, I hope this episode answered your questions, and I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with the same thoughts. Amazing talent gets hired every single day without a client base, and you can to.

If you enjoyed this episode and learned something valuable, please feel free to share it with your friends, educators, and/or coworkers – you could be giving someone the gift of information that they need right now.

In the next episode of Going Pro Mastery, we are going to talk about something so juicy and relevant, it will change you – and you’ll thank me for it. We are going to stare the one thing that will prevent you from succeeding in this industry right in the eye and tell it to get lost. Trust me, once you know about this, things will become easier for you in every area of your life.

Until then peace out my friends! XO.


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