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Going Pro

You could study skin, hair, makeup and nails for years and years and still not become successful in this industry until you learn this one thing AND it has nothing to do with your technical skills.

This is the very first episode of GoingPro Mastery, a bi-weekly show that I will be hosting that digs deep into really important business and development concepts so that you build your career on super solid ground.

In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you the root, no – I’m going to share the bulb of all success in this industry. It’s not who you know, how you do things, or even luck. All of these will help, but when you strip away everything else, your success will come from your ability to be PRO as in PRO-fessional from day one.

Before I go any further, I want to define exactly what I mean by being PRO.

In this definition, being Pro has nothing to do with being A Professional.

A professional, as defined in the dictionary is:

Having a particular profession as a permanent career.

For the purpose of our industry, I’ll define A PRO as someone who is “best out-come” driven, detail oriented, aware of what is going on around them, and is very intentional with their actions. A mouth full, right?!

Here’s how that shows up:


  • Does the work
  • Stays focused
  • Shows up every day
  • Is committed for the long-term
  • Is patient
  • Is prepared
  • Doesn’t show off
  • Sticks with it, even during the tough times
  • Self-validates
  • Makes a name and reputation with other Pros
  • Will not accept any excuses from herself/himself

Now in contrast, here’s what an amatuer look like


  • Thinks she knows it all
  • Is guided by the opinions of others
  • Lets fear take over
  • Is easily distracted
  • Wants instant gratification
  • Is jealous of others’ successes
  • Is really hard on herself
  • Seeks permission
  • Lives for the future
  • Lives in the past
  • Isn’t ready today but will be ready tomorrow
  • Gives her power away to other people

We all know some paid professionals who behave like amateurs – they may be very good at what they do technically, but we would never refer them to a friend.

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  1. Jayma

    Love watching and getting advice from your videos. They truly are so helpful.

    • Jackie Bernardi

      Thank you so much Jayma! I absolutely love this industry, and want to help in any way I can. PS- love your work 😉 Just followed you in Instagram.

  2. Ola Adegoroye

    great content can’t wait to watch more

    • Jackie Bernardi

      Thanks Ola! The Going Pro serie was really fun to do 🙂


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