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Let's face it: landing a great job can be challenging, scary, and may easily shake anyone's confidence, especially if it's for your first professional job.

But it doesn't have to be.

Let me ask you something – when it comes to looking for a job, do you:

  • Know where to start?
  • Feel like you don’t have enough experience?
  • Wish your school taught you more?
  • Worry because you don't have a resumé?
  • Panic over how to interview? 
  • Have a strategy to answer the tough questions your interviwer will ask? 

Or do you just want to crawl in bed and binge watch Netflix?

OK, if you're thinking...

"OMG – how did you get in my head?"


Easy… I know what’s in your head because I've been in your shoes.

And I have worked with hundreds of students just like you.

They all have the same worries, same questions, and same fears because no one is telling them (or you) exactly what to do to get a job.

I'm Jackie Bernardi, and as a licensed esthetician and a former corporate recruiter, this makes me crazy!

It’s not hard to land a great job, but it does take some time, effort, and knowledge.

And no matter how much you might want to know about getting hired quickly, your instructors simply can’t cover it in enough depth in the time they have.

That’s why I created the HIRED! course book for you.

I saw a workshop Jackie did on resume design, and I knew I had to take this course.

Right after I finished taking HIRED!, I landed the first salon job I applied to. I think it's because I knew exactly what I was looking for. Jackie showed me the things I needed to pay attention to and how to go after them.​

Stacey S.Professional Hairdresser

I want you to join Stacey.

I want you to join the ranks of beauty industry peeps who are


in their job search!



(Only $39 for a limited time)

HIRED! is the only digital course book designed to make the job search process super clear and easy for cosmetology professionals and future professionals. 


After HIRED! you will know...


Exactly what to do each step of the way, from starting your job search to negotiating your salary when you've been offered the job.


How to express your abilities, skills, and talents in ways that make you irresistible to future employers (even if you have only a little experience and even less confidence).


How to find the best job – especially the hidden ones that pay more.


The exact formula for writing a resumé that gets interviews...lots and lots of interviews.


How to knock an interview out of the park, even if you're nervous as hell!

and that's just the beginning

...keep scrolling to see everything you're going to get in the HIRED! course book ...

(Only $39 for a limited time)


Why should you get HIRED! now? Because...

  1. 1. Your school cannot, and will not, teach you everything you need to know to land a job right out of school – they're not mean, its just not their skill set.
  1. 2. The longer you wait to get a job, the harder it is to land one.
  1. 3. Making money with your passion is AWESOME!
  1. 4. It sucks being unemployed (or mis-employed in a job you hate).
  1. 5. The fact is: sitting around worrying about how to find a job keeps you from landing one.
  1. 6. Being around creative professionals is the fastest way to explode your abilities and talents.
  1. 7. For every day you are not working, you are depriving someone of your natural gifts and talents – not to mention depriving yourself of being paid for those skills!

Why the HIRED! program was made for YOU!

(and why you should learn it from me)

Imagine graduating from cosmetology school, applying for six jobs, and getting offers from all six.

You accept one of the jobs and are stoked and confident that you made the best choice. Guess what, you're right; 'cuz you crush your service and retail goals and shock everyone by taking home a check for $3,167.22 your first month

Now imagine that this isn't a one-time event – it happens every time you apply for a job because YOU are a COSMO ROCKSTAR!

This doesn't have to be imaginary 

Let me share my story

(and it's why you should seriously get your hands on HIRED! right now!)

As an Esthetician, Corporate Recruiter and Serial Entrepreneur, I have 24 years experience hiring for just about every job title you can imagine.

From hairstylists and estheticians to engineers and restaurant crews, I've hired fine artists, health care workers, and even a snake wrangler!

And you know what I discovered? The steps involved in finding an amazing job for all those fields is virtually the same as finding one in the beauty industry.  

It's a process.

And the process is exactly what I teach you when you get HIRED!

I'm going to teach you the process THAT WORKS. Period. No more imagining...this could be your reality, too.

Getting a great job to start your career should be your #1 goal.

HiRED! will teach you the exact steps to land a great job that sets you up for career success from the beginning!


Why you need to get HIRED!

You know the feeling of watching an expert in a technique video or in person at a trade show who absolutely nails it?

You feel inspired, ready, and confident

Well, I'm that expert for finding a job. I've designed the HIRED! course book to make YOU feel inspired, ready, and confident that you can land any job you go after.

If you're like most, you learn better and act on information when it's presented to you in a direct and fresh way.

With HIRED! you'll learn the step-by-step process used by cosmetology professionals who are successful at landing great jobs fast.

...and you'll learn it in a super easy and direct way.

HIRED! It's fresh, it's direct, and it will inspire you!

(Only $39 for a limited time)

Wondering what you'll learn?


  • The steps you need to take before, during, and after your scheduled interview – miss any of these and you risk not getting the offer;
  • The three most important parts of getting ready for an interview, and how to ace each one;
  • A system for practicing interview questions that works every time;
  • Techniques for video interviewing and what equipment you'll need;
  • Follow-up strategies to appear confident and interested;
  • Answering the "worst question in the world" and looking like a Pro when you do it.


  • The 8 things that must be on your resumé, and what to leave off;
  • The most effective layouts and formats for your resumé and cover letter;
  • The most eye-catching cover letter and resumé designs that make you stand out;
  • Techniques for creating a video resumé;
  • Proven sample resumés and cover letters to use as guides.

I had no idea what to put on my resumé after my name and address. What I liked most about this book was that it showed me exactly what to do, so I didn't forget anything important. I'm really excited about my resumé now.

Neda D. Recent Cosmetology School Graduate


  • Ways to enlist people you already know to help you find a great job;
  • The surprising and effective places to make the connections that get you hired;
  • Techniques for networking like a pro (even if you think you hate networking);
  • Steps involved in nailing an informational interview that put you in the job search driver's seat!


  • Detailed planning for your job search to find amazing opportunities and save you tons of time;
  • Finding hidden jobs – most are not advertised;
  • Researching local and regional salary ranges so you can negotiate with confidence;
  • Create a process to have job notifications sent to you as they're posted.

You can't go wrong with HIRED!

(Only $39 for a limited time)

The art of landing a great job

I created this course book to share my expertise on the one thing that most cosmetology students don’t learn from their school: specifically, the art of landing a great job.

HIRED! is the only book available in this industry 100% written to GET YOU THAT JOB.

Jackie Bernardi

...and it's in DIGITAL format so you can take it everywhere!

Here's what you'll get

Once you buy the HIRED! Course Book, you will have immediate access to:

  • a digital book with 100 pages of amazing instruction;
  • over 30 actionable exercises and templates;
  • access to 13 tutorial videos that show you everything you need to land an awesome job.

When you buy this digital course book, you have access to it anytime you want, 24/7.

The book and the videos are designed to be visually inspiring and optimized for fast learning.

I'm telling you, HIRED! lands great jobs fast!  

...but don't just take my word for it

This is the very best book on finding a job that has ever been created for the cosmetology industry!

I encourage all of my students to get it and start working on it early.

Our school's location has a 100% hire rate for students who have taken action with this book.

Brené T.Cosmetology Educator

Are you ready to get HIRED! now?


Last chance...

If you are still not sure if this course book is right for you, then consider this.

HIRED! will give you the answers to every question you've had about...

  • how to find a job
  • what to put on your resumé
  • how to design your resumé
  • how to get an interview
  • what to say during an interview
  • how to follow up after the interview
  • and how to get a job fast

It's just that simple.



Final...final...final... Get HIRED! Now

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