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With a different salon on every corner, and thousands of brand new stylists getting licensed every year, never has it been more important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

In the past, my 10-minute tip to help make YOU more memorable was to secure your own personal name as a dot-com like mine:

Grabbing your own name as your website name, or URL, makes it incredibly easy for your clients to remember how to get ahold of you, it also makes it easier for them to refer you to other potential clients.

This was solid advice, and continues to be; however, a lot of you have common names like Jennifer Jones or Mackenzie Smith, and if your name has already been taken as a dot-com, you have been out of luck in terms of personal branding.

Enter the NOT-COMs

For all the stylists and esty’s out there that never got to add a to their name–the internet Gods have listened and created a whole host of new url endings that can help you truly standout (and brand yourself personally.)

The .com at the end of a website’s URL is called a Top Level Domain (TLD), and just within the last couple of years, a whole new batch of TLDs have been released, re-igniting your ability to brand yourself personally, or with a TLD that makes sense for your business.

The new TLDs are called NOT-COMs because they do not end in the standard “.com,” and they allow you to brand yourself clearly. I ran a search on to see how many not-coms I could come up with for my brand. Here’s what came up when I searched under “beauty domains”:

Jackie Bernardi


For example, “.salon” was recently released. Jane Smith, a freelancer, was never able to buy her name as a because it wasn’t available. Today she can buy her name as a “.salon” and her personal brand URL would look like this:

How cool is that! The new NOT-COMs not only give you the ability to stand out as a personal brand, but also make you look more professional and memorable.

In this video, I show you exactly how to buy your own NOT-COM, and secure your own brand in less than 10 minutes.


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