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The Reset - Hair Stylist and Film Maker Howard McLaren

The film that could change our industry

Earlier this year, master hair stylist and film maker Harold McLaren released a documentary that took a hard look at the truths that make our industry challenging at best.

McLaren asks us to own what we know to be true, adapt, and create change.

Specifically he goes over:

  • Changes needed in education because of an outdated curriculum
  • Reform of state licensing and regulation
  • Price stagnation
  • Technology platforms
  • Brand loyalty to service providers
  • Lack of involvement in changing the industry
  • Adapting business models

I encourage you to watch this important film, and pass it along to anyone you know in this industry who might want to make a difference.

How do YOU feel about:

Current industry regulation?

How technology is affecting your business?

Big brand loyalty (or lack of) to service providers

Tell me about it below:

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